LSPDFR Pic's Development Hangout

Looking for a friendly and fun development environment, while showcasing your work off to other developers and interested community members? If so then I invite you to join my server (: In addition to this, I am happy to offer the following items to the community:

:9123_red_circle: Custom Livery & Vehicle Commissions
:9123_red_circle: Access to Discord Exclusive Content
:9123_red_circle: Free-Range of Self Promotion & Support Services
:9123_red_circle: Frequent Giveaways and Incentives for supporters
:9123_red_circle: Daily Activity & Hangouts in VC's
:9123_red_circle: Private FivePD server with Private Assets for all server members
If this isn't enough to get you to join, then still join so I can show you a good time
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